Like A Brother - Extended Version
Last Update: 31.07.2004
Kritiken von "Like A Brother"
Blue Infinity
Produced by:
Phil Galdston with Beckley-Lamm-Wilson, John Van Eps, Steve Levine
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 1: Today (John Waite/Phil Galdston) 4:15
 2: Feel The Spirit
(Robert Lamm/Peter Wolf/Phil Galdston) 5:11
 3: I Wish For You
(Carl Wilson/Robert White Johnson/Phil Galdston) 3:01
 4: Run Don't Walk
(Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston) 3:55
 5: Watching The Time
(Gerry Beckley) 3:52
 6: Life In Motion
(Robert Lamm/Gerard McMahon) 4:30
Sheltering Sky (Gerry Beckley) 3:20
They're Only Words (Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston) 4:40
Without Her (Harry Nilsson) 4:29
Like A Brother (Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston) 4:43

11: Standing at your door (Robert Lamm/John Van Eps) 4:23
12: Blue after all (Robert Lamm/Bruce Gaitsch) 4:20
13: In the dark (Gerry Beckley/Phil Galdston) 5:27


  • Gerry Beckley: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin
  • Robert Lamm: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Carl Wilson: Vocals, Electric Guitars

  • Phil Galdston: Keyboards, Programming
  • Michael Thompson: Guitars
  • Jason Scheff: Bass
  • John Van Tongeren: Keyboards
  • Tom Hammer: Keyboards
  • John Van Eps: Keyboards, Programming, Drums
  • Paul Livant: Electric Guitars
  • Steve Tarshis: Electric Guitars
  • Van Dyke Parks: Accordion
  • Sammy Merendino: Drums
  • Jimmy Hunter: Drums
  • Michael Fisher: Percussion
  • Timmy Cappello: Saxophones
  • Carl Wilson: "Today", "I Wish For You", "Run Don't Walk", "They're Only Words", "Like A Brother"
  • Gerry Beckley: "Watching The Time", "Sheltering Sky", "Without Her", "In The Dark"
  • Robert Lamm: "Feel The Spirit", "Life In Motion", "Standing At Your Door", "Blue After All"
Recorded by:

New York:

  • Dom Maita, Stephen Benben, and Phil Galdston at EAST WING

Los Angeles:

  • Bill Gable at Roman Foods
  • Steve Levine at Palindrome Studios
  • Jason Scheff at Jason Schemp Studio
  • Michael Thompson at Cocoa Butt
  • Dave Kopaz at WHK Recording
Mixed by:
  • Dom Maita at East Wing, NYC ("Today", "Feel The Spirit", "Run Don't Walk", "Life In Motion",
    "They're Only Words")
  • Stephen Benben at East Wing, NYC ("Watching The Time", "Sheltering Sky", "Without Her",
    "I Wish For You")
  • Vittorio Zammarano at Soundtrack Studios, NYC ("Like A Brother")

Masterd by:

  • Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC
B-L-W thanks :
  • Gina, Justyn and Jonah
  • Kathy, Joe and Matthew
  • Joy Kopko-Lamm
  • Sacha
  • Kate and Sean
  • Nancy
  • Jesse and Molly
  • David Passick, Jack Leitenberg, Chuck Mitchell, Annette Mitchell, Rita Pellinger
  • Phil Ramone, Joe D'Ambrosio
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