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  Champlin 1982

Bill Champlin

Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.04.2009

Sons Of Champlin Discographie

Single -1978-

Runaway -1981-

No Wasted Moments (EP) -1990-

Burn Down The Night -1992-

Through It All -1994-

He Started To Sing -1995-

Mayday - Bill Champlin Live -1996-

No Place Left To Fall -2008-


Champlin - Single

Produced by (keine Angaben)
Länge: (keine Angeben)

1: What Good Is Love;
2: I Don't Want You Anymore;
3: We Both Tried; Yo Mama;
4: Fly with Me;
5: Love Is Forever;
6: Careless;
7: Elavne;
8: Keys to the Kingdom.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards.

Michael McDonald, Daryl Hall, Venette Gloud, Bobby Kimball, Carmen Twillie: Background Vocals; David Foster, David Paich: Keyboards; Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion; Jay Graydon: Synthesizer, Programming; David Hungate, David Sheilds: Bass; Steve Lukather,Ray Parker Jr.: Guitars; Jeff Porcaro, Larry Tolbert, Duris Maxwell: Drums; Steve Porcaro: Synthesizer, Programming.


Champlin - Runaway

Produced by David Foster
Länge: 39:24 

1: Runaway (Champlin/Lukather) 3:57;
2: One Way Ticket (Champlin/Sopuch) 3:01;
3: Sara (Champlin/Thicke) 3:14;
4: Tonight, Tonight (Foster/Kennedy/Champlin) 3:53;
5: Runaway Reprise (Foster/Champlin) 0:42;
6: Take It Uptown (Champlin/Loggins) 4:24;
7: Satisfaction (Champlin/Page) 3:42;
8: Stop Knockin' On My Door (Champlin/Abramovich) 4:16;
9: Gotta Get Back To Love (Kelly/Hatch) 3:30;
10: Without You (Champlin/Di Lena) 4:04;
11: The Fool Is All Alone (Champlin/Foster) 4:30.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Organ;
David Foster: Keyboards, Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Piano, Strings, Background Vocals.

John Robinson, Ed Greene, Larry Tolbert, Jeff Porcaro: Drums; Jon Pierce, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar: Bass; Steve Lukather,
Jay Graydon: Guitars; Tom Kelly, Richard Page, Vennette Gloud, Kenny Loggins, Tamara Matoesian, Carmen Grillo: Background Vocals; Paul Lani: Percussion; Gary Herbig, Tom Scott: Tenor Saxophone; Jerry Hey: Flügelhorn, Trumpet; Gary Grant, Chuck Finley: Trumpet; Kim Hutchcraft, Larry Williams: Saxophones; Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Loper: Trombone; Humberto Gatica, Paul Lani: Percussion.

No Wasted Moments

Champlin - Moments

Produced by (keine Angaben)

1: Lovers Tonight;
2: No Wasted Moments;
3: Sticky Situation;
4: Before You Go; The City.

Burn Down The Night

Champlin: Burn down
Produced by Greg Mathieson + Bill Champlin
Länge: 50:02

1: In Love Too Long (Gaitsch/Champlin) 4:38;
2: 1st & Last (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:43;
3: Fly By The Light (Champlin/Tamara Champlin) 5:54;

4: Highest Stakes (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:27;
5: The Thunder (Champlin) 6:32;
6: For Less Than A Song (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:22;
7: Headed For The Top (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:30;
8: When Love Comes Around (Champlin/Nayfack) 4:57;
9: Still Worth Saving (Gaitsch/Champlin) 4:08;
10: Same Old Song (Champlin) 5:45.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Organ, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano;
Greg Mathieson: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Programming, Organ, Strings.

Tris Imboden: Drums; Abraham Laboriel: Bass; Bruce Gaitsch, Steve Lukather, Terry Haggerty: Guitars; Casey Young,
Dennis Matkosky: Programming; Luis Conte: Percussion; Danny Pelfrey: Saxophone; Bill Churchville: Trumpet;
Tamara Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Mona Lisa Young, Joseph Williams: Background Vocals; George Hawkins: Bass, Background Vocals; Tom Scott: Saxophones.

Through It All 

Champlin: Through

Produced by Bill Champlin + Dennis Matkosky + Bruce Gaitsch
Länge: 50:41 


1: I Must Have Been A Fool (Champlin/Matkosky) 4:05;
2: Turn Your Love Around (Champlin/Graydon/Lukather) 5:19;
3: Just To Be Loved (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:52;
4: Proud Of Our Blindness (Champlin/Matkosky) 4:55;
5: Come On In (Gaitsch/Champlin) 4:17;
6: Sound Of The Rain (Champlin) 7:54;
7: Through It All (Champlin/Cole) 4:05;
8: In The Heat Of The Night (Jones/Bergman) 4:04;
9: Little Sister (Champlin) 4:06;
10: Light Up The Candles (Champlin) 4:02.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Organ, Percussion.
Dennis Matkosky: Keyboards, Programming; Tom Saviano: Alto Saxophone, Keyboards, Programming;
Greg Mathieson: Keyboards, Programming; Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars, Synthesizer, Programming;
Tamara Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals; Gardner Cole: Keyboards, Programming; Abraham Laboriel: Bass;
Kiki Epsen, Mike Murphy: Programming; Danny Pelfrey, Dave Koz, Lee Thornberg, Rick Baptiste: Horns.

He Startet To Sing

Champlin: Sing

Produced by Bill Champlin 
Länge: 47:22


1: He Started To Sing (Clewer/Champlin) 4:59;
2: Love Is Gonna' Find You (Mathieson/Champlin) 5:35;
3: It's About Time (Champlin/Carlson) 5:11;
4: Party Time In D.C. (Champlin/Mathieson) 4:59;
5: Love Comes And Goes (Mathieson/Champlin) 4:52;
6: Sex Thang (Mathieson/Champlin) 4:32;
7: Southern Serenade (T.Champlin/B. Champlin) 4:03;
8: One Love At A Time (Clewer/Champlin/Gaitsch) 3:36;
9: God Sent Angels (B. Champlin/T. Champlin) 4:11;
10: Someone Else (B. Champlin/T. Champlin) 5:23.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Organ.
Janie Clewer: Keyboards, Background Vocals, Programming; Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars, Mandolin, Programming;
Abraham Laboriel, Mario Cippolina: Bass; Billy Ward: Drums; Tamara Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals;
George Hawkins: Bass, Background Vocals; Greg Mathieson: Keyboards, Programming; Jerry Lopez: Guitars, Background Vocals;
Tom Saviano: Keyboards, Programming, Alto Saxophone; David Boruff: Tenor Saxophone; Brandon Fields: Baritone Saxophone;
Gary Grant, Steve Madaio: Trumpet; Carmen Grillo, Jason Scheff, Tracy Gable: Background Vocals; Samantha Gaitsch: Music Box.

Mayday - Bill Champlin Live

Champlin: Mayday

 Produced by Bill Champlin 
Länge: 73:20 


1: Party Time In D.C. (Champlin/Mathieson) 3:50;
2: Lovers Tonight (Champlin) 3:02;
3: Take It Uptown (Champlin/Loggins) 5:42;
4: Southern Serenade (B. Champlin/T. Champlin) 4:14;
5: Backstreets Of Paradise (T. Champlin/Wilson) 5:36;
6: Organ Solo (Champlin ) / In The Heat Of The Night (Jones/Bergman) 8:32;
7: Headed For The Top (Champlin/Mathieson) 7:27;
8: Another Day/Song For My Grandfather (Champlin/Mathieson) 3:54;
9: After The Love Is Gone (Champlin/Foster/Graydon) 5:14;
10: First And Last (Champlin/Mathieson) 5:02;
11: Bass Solo 4:02;
12: Goldmine (Champlin) 5:17;
13: Drum Solo 4:44;
14: Satisfaction (Champlin/Page) 4:36.

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Organ, Guitars; Greg Mathieson: Keyboards; Jerry Lopez: Guitars, Vocals;
Rochon Westmoreland: Bass, Vocals; Eddie Garcia: Drums; Tamara Champlin: Vocals; Tom Saviano: Saxophone, Keyboards.

No Place Left To Fall

Bill Champlin: No Place Left To Fall (2008)

Zink Music ZMCD 007

 Produced by Bill Champlin + Mark Eddinger

1: Total Control
2: Tuggin' On Your Sleeve
3: The Truth
4: No Place Left To Fall
5: Lover Like That
6: Lookin' For Yoy
7: Never Been Afraid
8: Angelina
9: Look Away
10: I Want To Stay
11: Never Let Go
12: Stone cold Hollywood
13 All Along

BC Background
Old School
The Songs
Blood Heart
In Conclusion

"No Place Left To Fall" Jam
Will Champlin
BC on The Beatles & Bob Dylan
BC Vignettes
Sons Of Champlin Live! "Gold Mine"

Bill Champlin: Vocals, Background Vocals, Organ, Guitars;


Sons Of Champlin Discographie

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