Peter Cetera 1986
Last Update: 23.11.2004
Peter Cetera
Cetera - Peter Cetera
WB/Full Moon
3624 (LP)
Produced by Peter Cetera + Jim Boyer
Länge: 38:20

 1: Livin' In The Limelight (Cetera) 4:20
 2: I Can Feel It (Cetera/Fataar/Wilson) 3:07
 3: How Many Times (Cetera) 4:21
 4: Holy Moly (Cetera) 4:25
 5: Mona Mona (Cetera) 3:18
 6: On The Line (Cetera) 4:00
 7: Not Afraid To Cry (Cetera) 3:27
 8: Evil Eye (Cetera) 2:37
 9: Practical Man (Cetera) 4:49
10: Ivy Covered Walls (Cetera) 3:56

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocorder, Percussion.
Steve Lukather, Craig Hull, Chris Pinnick, Carl Wilson, Josh Leo: Guitars; Michael Botts: Drums; Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer; Steve Foreman: Percussion; Ricky Fataar: Drums, Percussion;
Tommy Morgan: Harmonica; Gary Herbig: Saxophone; David "Hawk" Wolinski: Synthesizer;
Kenny Edwards, Mark Goldenberg: Acoustic Guitar; Bob Glaub: Bass;
Craig Doerge, Carli Munoz: Piano; William Smith: Organ; Roland Vazquez: Horns.
Cetera: Solitude Solitaire
Produced by Michael Omartian
Länge: 39:20

 1: Big Mistake (Cetera/Galpin) 5:39
 2: They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To (Cetera/Bulling) 4:04
 3: Glory Of Love (Cetera/Foster/Nini) 4:20
 4: Queen Of The Masquerade Ball (Cetera/Omartian) 3:50
 5: Daddy's Girl (Cetera/Goldenberg) 3:46
 6: The Next Time I Fall (Caldwell/Gordon) 3:43
 7: Wake Up To Love (Cetera/Wolinski/Omartian) 4:29
 8: Solitude / Solitaire (Cetera/Omartian) 4:58
Only Love Knows Why (Cetera/Bitzer/Omartian) 4:29

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals; Michael Omartian: Keyboards.
Amy Grant: Vocals; Dann Huff, Ray Parker Jr.: Guitars; Paul Leim, Chester Thompson: Drums;
Jeff Porcaro: Percussion; Kenny Cetera: Percussion, Background Vocals;
Erich Bulling: Programming, Drum Programming; Will Alexander: Fairlight Programs;
Steve Az: Programming.


One More Story
Cetera: One more Story
Produced by Patrick Leonard + Peter Cetera
Länge: 46:34

 1: Best Of Times (Cetera/Leonard) 4:12
One Good Woman (Cetera/Leonard) 4:34
 3: Peace Of Mind (Cetera/Leonard/LaBounty) 4:35
Heaven Help This Lonely Man (Cetera/Leonard) 4:24
Save Me (Cetera/Foster) 4:20
Holding Out (LaBounty/Innes) 5:11
 7: Body Language - There In The Dark (Cetera/Leonard) 4:44
 8: You Never Listen To Me (Cetera/Leonard) 4:54
Scheherazade (Cetera/Leonard/Nini) 5:27
One More Story (Cetera/Leonard) 3:40

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals, Percussion;
Patrick Leonard: Piano, Synthesizers, Organ, Drum Programming, Programming.
Bonnie Raitt: Slide Guitar, Background Vocals;
James Harrah, Dann Huff, David Williams, David Gilmour: Guitars;
Jonathan Moffett, John Robinson: Drums; Paulinho Da Costa, Ron Wagner: Percussion;
Siedah Garrett, Niki Haris, Kenny Cetera, Richard Sterban: Background Vocals;
Jody Cortez, Tris Imboden: Hi-Hat; Bruce Gaitsch: Acoustic Guitar, Guitars;
Jerry Watts Jr., Guy Pratt: Bass; Richard Garneau: Sitar; Raja: First Chant, Dunbak.


World Falling Down
Cetera: World falling down
Produced by Andy Hill + Peter Cetera
Länge: 44:51

 1: Restless Heart (Cetera/Hill) 4:09
 2: Even A Fool Can See (Cetera/Goldenberg) 4:31
 3: Feels Like Heaven (Goldenberg/Hain) 4:48
 4: Wild Ways (Tyson/Ward) 4:00
 5: World Falling Down (Cetera/Hill) 5:00
 6: Man In Me (Williams/Gordon) 5:41
 7: Where There's No Tomorrow (Cetera/Hill/Cregan) 4:43
 8: The Last Place God Made (Kerr/Osborne) 4:14
 9: Dip Your Wings (Taupin/Fox/Golde) 3:32
10: Have You Ever Been In Love (Hill/Sinfield/Danter) 4:05

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass. Andy Hill: Instruments,Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Programming.
Chaka Khan: Vocals;
Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Kenny Cetera, Janey Clewer, Edie Lehmann, Bobbi Page,
Joseph Williams: Background Vocals;
Mark Goldenberg: Guitars, Programming; Robbie Buchanan: Piano, Keyboards;
Simon Franglen: Programming; Tal Bergman: Percussion;
Jimmy Johnson, Pino Palladino: Bass; Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach: Horns;
David Foster: Keyboards; Tim Pierce, Keith Airey, Michael Thompson: Guitars;
Claude Gaudette: Programming; John Robinson: Drums, Percussion; Graham Broad: Drums;
Chris Mostert: Saxophone; Peter Vettesse: Keyboards, Organ, Piano;
Bruce Gaitsch: Guitars, Programming; Jeffrey Vanston: Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer.
One Clear Voice
Cetera: One clear voice
River North
Produced by Peter Cetera + Andy Hill
Länge: 43:49

 1: The End Of Camelot (Cetera/Hill) 4:19
 2: Faithfully (Jones/Rose) 3:22
 3: (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (Carmen/Goldmark) 4:36
 4: Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye (Cetera/Conrad) 4:05
 5: One Clear Voice (Beeson/Martin) 3:49
 6: Wanna Be There (Cetera/Hill) 3:29
 7: The Lucky Ones (Cetera/Gaitsch/Howard) 3:27
 8: Still Getting Over You (Cetera/Hill) 4:17
 9: S.O.S. (Andersson/Ulvaeus/Anderson) 4:13
10: And I Think Of You (Cetera/Hill) 3:37
11: Happy Man (Cetera) 4:37

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals; Andy Hill: Bass, Keyboards, Guitars.
Ronna Reves + Crystal Bernard: Vocals;
ann Huff: Guitars; Willie Weeks, Gary Lunn, Michael Rhodes, Pino Palladino: Bass;
John Hobbs: Piano; Eddie Bayers, Paul Leim, Todd Sucherman, Graham Broad: Drums;
Claude Gaudette: Synthesizer; Pat Coil: Organ, Synthesizer; Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion;
Chuck Jones, Pam Rose, Cheryl Wilson, Yvonne Gage, Robin Robinson, Steve Grisette, Josie Warner,
Stevie Robinson, Johnny Rutledge, Claire Cetera, Bob Bowker, Jeff Morrow, Keithen Carter,
Tom Griffin, Tony Ransom: Background Vocals;
Paul Franklin: Steel Guitar; Bruce Gaitsch: Acoustic Guitar;
Randy Waldman, Rick Holbrook, James Newton Howard, Tim Truman: Keyboards;
Dana Glover, Dan Higgens: Saxophone; Jeffery Vanston: Keyboards, Bass;
Mark Beeson: Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals; Kevin Kronin: Acoustic Guitars;
Brent Rowan: Guitars.
Collection: You're the Inspiration
Cetera: Greatest
Produced by Peter Cetera
Länge: 45:19

 1: If You Leave Me Now (Cetera) 3:56
 2: The Next Time I Fall (Caldwell/Gordon) 3:43
 3: Do You Love Me That Much (Hengber/Robinson) 3:38
 4: Feels Like Heaven (Goldenberg/Hain) 4:48
 5: You're The Inspiration (Cetera/Foster) 3:49
 6: I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye) (Mueller/Zigman) 4:04
 7: She Doesn't Need Me Anymore (Aldridge/Cetera) 4:30
 8: Baby, What ABig Surprise (Cetera) 3:04
 9: (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (Carmen/Goldmark) 4:36
10: After All (Pitchford/Snow) 4:04
11: S.O.S. (Andersson/Ulvaeus/Anderson) 4:05

Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar;
Amy Grant, Cher, Chaka Khan, Ronna Reeves, Crystal Bernard: Vocals; u. a.
Another Perfect World
Another Perfect World (2001)
06632 2001 2
Produced by Michael Omartian + Peter Cetera
Länge: 46:31

 1: Perfect World   (Jim Weatherly/Peter Cetera) 4:59
 2: Rain Love (Chris Pelcer/Robert White Johnson/Al Denson) 4:03
 3: Just Like Love (Chris Pelcer/Leslie Mills) 3:38
 4: Feels Like Rain (Karla Bonoff/Peter Cetera) 4:43
 5: I'm Coming Home (Chris Pelcer/Katinka Hartcamp) 4:19
 6: It's Only Love (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 3:28
 7: Rule The World (Chris Pelcer/Leslie Mills) 5:08
 8: Have A Little Faith (J.D. Martin/Peter Cetera) 5:45
 9: Only Heaven Knows (Jamie Houston/J.D. Martin) 5:38
10: Whatever Gets You Through (Your Life) (Chris Pelcer) 4:44

  • Peter Cetera: Vocals.
  • Michael Omartian: Keyboards, Background Vocals, Arrangements.
  • Biff Watson, Bruce Gaitsch: Acoustic Guitars.
  • Kenny Greenberg, George Marinelli Jr., Jerry McPherson: Electric Guitars.
  • Jimmie Lee Sloas, Willie Weeks: Bass.
  • Chris McHugh, John Hammond: Drums.
  • Mark Douthit, Mike Haynes, Chris McDonald, Jeff Bailey: Horns.
  • Eric Darken: Percussion.
  • Chris Rodriguez, Michael Mellett, Gene Miller: Background Vocals.
  • Tiffany Palmer, Nicol Smith, Lisa Bevill: Background Vocals.
You Just Gotta Love Christmas
Cetera: You Just Gotta Love Christmas (2004) - Zoom
Viastar Records

Erhältlich u. a. bei:
""   ""    ""   ""

Produced by Peter Cetera + Tony Harrell
Länge: 39:43
Sounds    Frontcover    Kritik

1: Let it Snow (Sammy Cahn, Julie Styne)
2: Christmas Song
(Mel Torme, Robert Wells)
3: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
(J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillesspie)
4: Blue Christmas
-with Claire Cetera- (Billy Hays, Jay Johnson)
5: Deck the Halls
-with Alison Krauss- (trad. Cetera/Harrell)
6: I'll be Home for Christmas
(Buck Ram, Kent Walter, Kim Gannon)
7: You Just Gotta Love Christmas
(Cetera + Harrell)
8: Jingle Bells
(trad. Cetera/Harrell)
9: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(trad. Cetera/Harrell)
10: Winter Wonderland
-with Claire Cetera- (Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith)
11: Something that Santa Claus Left Behind
(Cetera + Harrell)
12: Alone for the Holidays

  • Peter Cetera: Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass
  • Tony Harrell: Keyboards, Programming
  • Greg Morrow: Drums, Programming
  • Jimmy Lee Sloas - Craig Nelson - Michael Brignardello - Glenn Worff: Bass
  • Jerry McPherson - Kenny Greenberg - Tom Bukovac - Bruce Gaitsch - B. James Lowry: Guitars
  • Chris Carmichael: Strings
  • Jelly Roll Johnson: Harmonica
  • Ben Pops Strano: Trombone, Trumpet
  • Jim Horn: Saxophones
  • Steve Herrman - Chris Dunn: Horns
  • John Mock: Pipes, Buron + Penny Whistle
  • Eric Darken: Percussion
  • Jack Gavin: Conga
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